The Launch

The Launch

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Welcome to MyTownDirect. Not just any old business directory.

MyTownDirect is a business directory and community geared for the 21st century, with some great features such as map listings, QR coded promotional material, an app (coming soon) and more. We aim to connect both businesses and individuals in communities around East Anglia where we are based, and eventually the rest of the UK. Linking consumers with businesses and services and vice versa, allowing recommendations and reviews, providing business information such as opening hours, prices and services provided, and connecting the owners of said businesses via networking events and messaging systems.

MyTownDirect was founded in 2012 by Ben, a young and passionate businessman based in East Anglia and determined to make a difference. Please do feel free to get in touch for any more info about the website and our services, or just for a chat about local business. I’m always looking to get involved in new projects and help in any way I can.

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